Fantastic fun! 
By Exponential Growth

What a story! Hard to believe that this incredible man was able to fool an entire city. There are few in the world who could carry that off! The book is full of great stories and pictures and brings back to life a phenomenal time in the world's history. Gorby played his own part in the historic event of the Berlin wall coming down and the fact he produced the video Rock the Wall well before the wall did actually come down gives a person goosebumps. This is a great summer read and shouldn't be missed!

Let's Get to the Real Story!
By RV Esposito

Forget this "Gorby" stuff! I want to get down to the real story at hand ~ nice girl from Ann Arbor, an educated, decent soul, for whatever reason landing at an Indian Reservation, runs into this someone from Chicago or New Jersey or where ever, hanging around for a "PowWow" (likely story) who probably convinces her that he's descended from both Pocahontas and Geronimo, and now some many years later, it's ~ world famous authors out on the Borscht Belt lecture circuit. Now THAT'S a book I'll want to read!

None the less, Gorby2 was pretty good as well....

Will the real Gorbachev and Gorby 2 please rock on! 
By History Buff

I heard about the commotion in NY and NJ when Gorby 2 happened to synchronize his visit at the same time Gorbachev was visiting NY and NJ. He 'trumped' Trump! The Donald was so upset that he mistakenly rushed out of his Trump tower to meet and greet this incredible Russian leader. When he saw who was creating all the frenzy among his fellow New Yorkers - he got red in the face and stormed up to his concrete fortress. This book is a fun and fascinating read. Who knew that the Rock the Wall video would predate the actual take-down of the Berlin wall. I'd love to share some Russian vodka with this world leader. "Nostrovia!"
So Funny and So True!
By Phil Cousineau, author of Wordcatcher and The Painted Word

To be a memorable storyteller requires audacity, which the dictionary defines as the qualities of daring, boldness, and courage, and the uncanny ability to be an impostor, which is to say, to pretend to be somebody or something else. At the heart of Ronald V. Knapp's chameleon life these two impulses beat strongly and humorously, which is why the title of his memoir, Audacious Impostor, is so funny and so true.

How one man 
fooled thousands as a Mikhail Gorbachev impostor, including Donald Trump
and had the time of his life.