Maury Povich wrote about this incident in the back cover of his book, A Current Affair; on his TV show of the same name, and he played "Rock the Wall", its first debut. In this rock video, written and produced by Ron and Adrian Windsor, Ron as Gorby 2 takes down the Berlin Wall by riding through it on a construction ball. West German and Soviet TV saw the video, made copies, and played it in their countries two years before the wall came down. The notoriety of the New York parade resulted in many TV appearances, among them Regis and Kathy Lee, The Gong Show, Current Affair, and six times as a Mighty Art Player on the Johnny Carson Show. Ron has the same birthmark on his arm that Gorbachev has on his forehead. He met Adrian Windsor on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico in 1985. She was there for an agricultural project, and he was attending a Pow Wow on the Pueblo Reservation. They have been together ever since.

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The "infamous" Rock the Wall Video that helped bring down the Berlin Wall!
In 1987, his resemblance to Mikhael Gorbachev catapulted 
Ronald L. Knapp into a celebrity position that unfolded serendipitously. He was invited by Fox television to NYC for Good Day, New York with Gordon Eliot on the day that Gorbachev came to address the UN. Fox took him to New Jersey at 7:00 a.m. and had him knock on doors and 
talk to people. He was so successful that Fox hired a limo and took him to NYC with three TV cameras at the same time that Gorbachev's entourage was arriving. They had parallel parade routes, and Ron shook hands with thousands of New Yorkers who thought he was Gorbachev, including Donald Trump.
How one man 
fooled thousands as a Mikhail Gorbachev impostor, including Donald Trump
and had the time of his life.